25 July 2016

Happy Summer Everyone! 

I hope that you are all staying cool and enjoying the longer days. I've been working nonstop through the seasons and am seeing a glimpse of a light at tunnel's end this Winter--but until then, the keys will be tapping and I'm thanking the universe for these longer days!

I've been doing a lot of reading this Summer (I know you are too!) and have a few new pieces of work to share as well:

Here is a Summer Romance Post on USA Today's Happily Ever After CLICK ME HERE and enjoy the lazy days of some sun-drenched summer lovin'

I've also got a few Alike But Indies for some good titles on the NYT List:

Have you seen the movie yet? Tearjerker!! Here are some selections to peruse if you liked the book and/or the film ME BEFORE YOU: CLICK ME HERE!

If you are hiding in your "nest" from the heat and humidity, here are a few treats for fans of this family drama by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney.

Beyond these sweet selections, I am in the final book of Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes trilogy, dabbling in some Catherine McKenzie (Smoke, Hidden, and currently Arranged) and rounding out the summer with After You, also by Jojo Moyes. I hope you are all finding solace in your pages and some heat relief in the form of the next good read!

Sweet Tea and Siestas!

13 April 2016


Hello Dear Readers! Happy Spring to you all! 

As the flowers pop up and the raindrops sluice around the sunlight, we learn to appreciate the little things in life...like fresh air, daylight past 7 PM, car windows open on the way home, ICED COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (I know I'm biased there--not sorry!)

Here is my latest from Indie Reader with some helpful tips on cleaning up your personal space this spring:

5 Books For Spring Cleaning 

And here is my latest from USA Today's Happily Ever After if you are looking to find the next steamy romance for Spring:

Spring Romance Reccs

Enjoy the Sunshine!

Blooms and Birds,

08 March 2016

Well Hello March Readers,

It's amazing...its improbable...it's an early Spring! Not only that, it's the busiest season ever! So here is a quick update on what I've been doing besides being mom and chair and all that jazz. Latest pieces for Indie Reader:

If you Liked Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham check out these criminally thrilling indie treats!

If you are looking for something to get busy with...in the kitchen check out these indie cookbook recommendations!

And if these tantalizing tastes whet your appetite, stay tuned for more Alike But Indie coming your way soon, including one for the upcoming film: Me Before You.
Also on the way are some smokin new indie Spring romance titles I've compiled for USA Today.

Peace and Pages as I grade finals into the wee hours!

04 January 2016


Greetings Readers!

Winter has finally set in and it's definitely cuddle with a book weather for sure. Here are a couple of things I have published this Fall/Winter.

I'm always reading scary year round, but here are my HALLOWEEN SEASONAL SELECTIONS for INDIEREADER

Speaking of holidays, check out some recommended GIFTS For your SWEETIES and Friends features in Huff Post Books

And of course for those who get all warm and fuzzy like a sweater by the fireplace, here are your upcoming Romance titles for USA Today's Happily Ever After: CLICK ME!

I look forward to curling up with my laptop more that the indoor season has arrived. You know you will be doing the same, so stay tuned and count the days till Spring if you need to--anything to keep the cold out and the ink flowing!

Beanies and Cider,

22 September 2015

Summer's Over? Really?

Hello Dear Readers~

Ok so I admit I have been slacking when it comes to blogging, but I have also been on sabbatical since late June--I do not apologize! It's been a busy summer in every way for me, and here are some updates as to what I've been doing writing wise.

I've been busy writing for INDIE READER and if you clicked there, you'll see what I mean! Alike But Indies have taken off and have become really fun to create--stay tuned for a bevy more of them on the way.

Also I have been compiling upcoming romances for USA TODAY's Happily Ever After Book Blog which has been really cool too. Here they are by season and next up will be for the holidays:

Today I sipped the first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season after a nice long run in the park. This is my last week off and although I look forward to doing more work with students, I'm uber-grateful for the learning experience and study in emotion that this summer has been. More news will probably be coming soon. Have an amazing Autumn~

Books and Leaves,

20 March 2015

Spring... Almost!!

Winter Winter Winter! OK so we have had a rough one--weather and all around. I am way beyond excited to jump back on here just in time to welcome spring! I am so ready to ditch the boots and coats and just luxuriate in the idea of most days being spent primarily outdoors!

So here is where I've been...

I had the pleasure of completing in Jan/Feb a 30 hour Yin Yoga Training at Powerflow Yoga, NJ with two awesome teachers Deb and Crystal of http://www.yinsideyoga.com Check them out--they rock and there are more trainings coming up if you are like me and need BALANCE in your LIFE!

I hope to start teaching Yin again in the near future, stay tuned here and also HERE for more updates on that coming soon! In the meantime I have the pleasure of subbing a gentle but powerful class on Mondays that is keeping me on my toes.

In writing news, I'll just link a few things here that are most recent:

If you Liked The Girl On The Train, check out this ALIKE BUT INDIE which also made it to Amazon's Omnivoracious Book Review Pretty cool :) 

If you Saw the movie and are still a fan of 50 Shades of Grey, CHECK THESE OUT 

If you liked Still Alice (Julianne Moore won an Oscar as Alice that's right!) then check out these AWESOME INDIES and remember this... Still Alice itself began as an indie!

Stay tuned for more writerly news on the horizon--I just got approval for sabbatical--what beats that? NOTHING!!! Happy almost Spring everyone. Enjoy those flowers popping up!

Peace and Pages~